December 2013

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24 Dec 2013

Wishing you an AMAZING Holiday Season

This time of year is truly magical. We hope you are joining us in taking some time to soak in your loved ones that surround you! Enjoy this AMAZING season and celebrating the true meaning of what it is all about! We wish you a season full of love, happiness, and gratitude for the AMAZING blessings in your life! Merry Christmas friends!

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20 Dec 2013

Making the Holidays Special for Each Other

Christmas Eve is one of my most favorite days of the year, so I am incredibly excited that it is right around the corner. But if I am being completely honest, (which I am!) I will share with you that we still have quite a few presents to buy… which means we have quite a few presents to wrap and a lot more to get done before we can start celebrating. I would like to be able to say I am not stressing, lol, but I am getting just a little nervous that those gift ideas that I am hoping just hit me aren’t going to actually hit me in time for Christmas! ;) Instead of worrying about our to-do list, I much rather be thinking about making the holidays special for each other.

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17 Dec 2013

Making Birthdays Special

To celebrate Ryan’s big 30th birthday yesterday, I took the lessons we learned while reflecting on our childhood birthdays and early years of dating to help make his birthday extra super special! We invited our friends to join us for a birthday adventure in Charleston, SC! We have had Charleston on our bucket list for the longest time and this was the perfect excuse to make it happen! Surrounded by our adventurous friends, we spent the weekend celebrating and even completed the celebration with another bucket list item… a campfire on the beach!! I would say that we have officially broken the cycle of just brushing over our birthdays and instead will now anxiously look forward to each other’s birthday as the perfect excuse to celebrate each other in an extra special way!

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13 Dec 2013

Building a Marriage and Family Based on Us

Andrew put it so well as we were talking about priorities and values with our families of origin and priorities in our family - “To me, our family is this family… me and you” he said. “And we constantly need to remind ourselves that we are our own couple -- each our own person who brings something different to the table in our relationship - and together we make us. And it doesn’t have to make sense to other people.”

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02 Dec 2013

Special Post: 2014 AMAZING Life Escape Announcement!

We have had a few late breaking developments today that have us even more excited than ever knowing that these 2014 Life Escapes are going to be even more AMAZING than we imagined! We are pretty much at the edge of our seats super duper excited to share this information with you and we cannot wait any longer!!! Here is as much as we can share right now!!!!

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