March 2014

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28 Mar 2014

A week full of emotions

This week has been so full of emotions. We have been working some crazy long hours in order to make sure we had the updates to the site done by the deadline we placed on ourselves. It hasn’t really felt like work because our hearts have never really been into a project as much as they are this one. However, to be completely honest, there were times that

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21 Mar 2014

Introducing #streetLOVE Interviews

While we were in San Diego for the AMAZING Life Together Road Trip, we thought it would be fun to go out into Balboa Park, find sweet couples to randomly walk up to and ask them all of the questions that race through our minds! ;) Yes, it was still a little nerve racking for this introvert, but thankfully God placed some AMAZING couples in our path who

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18 Mar 2014

AMAZING Life Together Road Trip Intro

We have so much to share coming up in the next few weeks and we hope you will join us for the exciting road ahead! In the meantime, we have this super fun (made to make you dance) AMAZING Life Together Road Trip Intro video! ;) It will definitely give you a sneak peek of what is to come for sure!! (Don’t miss the bloopers at the end! ;) haha.)

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04 Mar 2014

We have the choice.

Every single day we make choices that determine how we are going to spend our days! Instead of being excited for the “excuse” to clear our calendars after surgery, we are now looking at it as an opportunity to listen to our hearts and learn a little about what we are excited to say no to and what we are bummed we have to say no to! We don’t need an excuse my friends. We can make the choice daily to say yes and/or no to anything and everything that we want to! How AMAZING is that?!?

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