July 2014

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24 Jul 2014

Marriage Hacks: 25 ways to make love last

Marriage is an increasingly unnatural and confusing thing for most couples today. In light of this, Tyler Ward—author of Marriage Rebranded—recently asked 25 leaders for their single best marriage advice for young people. The level of insight and wisdom he received—compiled in the free eBook Marriage Hacks—is guaranteed to help many navigate this uniquely beautiful relationship called marriage. We are honored to have been one of the leaders Tyler interviewed for Marriage Hacks. Enjoy our chapter of the eBook below then be sure to download the full eBook for FREE at the end of this post.

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22 Jul 2014

5 Reasons To Escape Together

We are dreaming of an Escape and we know you are too. We are excited to announce the registration for our 2014 AMAZING Life Escape in Maine. If a 3 Night, 4 Day romantic couples getaway to a private Lodge in the Mountains of Maine doesn't already have you ready to join us, here are 5 other reasons to Escape together.

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15 Jul 2014

An AMAZING Chicago Adventure

For the past several years, visiting Chicago has been on our travel bucket list. This year we finally made it out to the windy city and we can definitely say that Chicago stole our heart. Our theme for this trip was to be as adventurous as possible. And with our good friend Lauren as our guide we can pretty easily say we accomplished just that.

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11 Jul 2014

Be grateful for this moment!

A few weeks ago our friends at The Loveumentary asked us if we would like to take part in their 30 Day Gratitude Challenge! We strongly believe in the incredible power that showing gratitude can have on ourselves and others so we jumped at this incredible opportunity. Today, take 5 minutes and share with each other what you are most grateful for. Then head on over to the Loveumentary Site to read our full post on Gratitude. And no matter what, Be Grateful For This Moment, This Moment is Your Life!

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08 Jul 2014

Baltimore 4th of July Fireworks and Fun

We had no idea what to expect the first Fourth of July after we bought our home in Baltimore. We thought we might have a good view of the fireworks but we weren't exactly sure how good. As we sat on the deck and watched the fireworks barge slowly be pushed in by two tugboats, we kept saying to ourselves, "They can't be setting them off from right there can they?" The barge was literally right in front of our house. That first year we enjoyed the view with just Liz's dad. Since then we've been sure to share it with whomever wants to come join us.

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