Morgan and Ronnie – Portland, OR

We first met Morgan and Ronnie virtually through Instagram. They share a similar heart for marriage and life together through their site Romance and Adventure. So when we were in Portland we knew we had to meet up. Morgan and Ronnie’s story is one of heart break and challenge. But together, they found a true love built on a foundation of friendship and shared faith. Together they describe their marriage as being on the #1 team in the universe. Continue reading to learn more about their amazing love story.

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Shelly and Scott – Portland, OR

 To say Shelly and Scott have faced a lot of challenges in their marriage is an understatement. After battling infertility, and raising a child with special needs, they are now battling Shelly’s breast cancer together. Any of these things has the potential to destroy a marriage, but for Shelly and Scott, its brought them closer together.

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Natalie and Brendon – Santa Cruz, CA

“It is very easy to get discouraged if you keep you eyes on the things around you and think that they are all that there is. Our faith has kept us focused on the fact that this life is but a vapor, ever fleeting. If we do not love and forgive others, we miss out on joy and peace and the best that is yet to come.”

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The 15 Day Amazing Life Together Challenge

We want to help each and every couple create a more AMAZING Life together by simply investing a few moments each day to creating more moments of love, fun, and happiness together.

A couple recently shared an amazing piece of wisdom with us:

Marriage is a skill, it doesn’t come easy to anyone, and it takes effort everyday.


Married for nearly 9 years, and together for 14+, we couldn’t agree more! Creating an AMAZING marriage takes a choice every single day to say I love you no matter what and to do whatever it takes for the person you said “I do” to.

We want to help each and every couple create a more AMAZING Life together by simply investing a few moments each day to creating more moments of love, fun, and happiness together.

Each day during the 15 Day Amazing Life Together Challenge you will be sent an email with a way to invest in your relationship. We’ve created the challenge to help you create more amazing moments in your relationship and to learn how to overcome life’s crazy obstacles.


We’ve created this challenge for couples of all types that are looking to create a more Amazing Life together. If that sounds like you then this challenge is for you!


We believe that investing a few extra moments of your day into your relationship can help improve any relationship. Plus, the challenge is quick boost of energy to reinvigorate your relationship and to keep it fresh. Most importantly, who doesn’t want to have fun with their significant other and have a more AMAZING Life Together?


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Amy and James – Denver, CO

Friendship, and being each other’s best friend has been one of the keys to an amazing marriage that couples tell us over and over again. Amy and James relationship started first as a friendship that turned into a best friendship that eventually turned into marriage. But it almost didn’t turn out that way. Continue reading to learn more about Amy and James’s love story.

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Alexandria and Tyler – Ames, IA

We love meeting other couples that are high school sweethearts like Liz and I. Alexandria and Tyler, technically high school sweethearts, started dating in 7th grade!! Continue reading to learn how they’ve grown their childhood romance into an amazing marriage!

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Lisa and Joel – Clive, IA

Joel – “I remember, I pulled up to her apartment and I was sitting there in my car, and I just remember thinking “please be cute.” I keep saying that over and over in my head as I walked up to the door “Please be cute. Please be cute.” And I opened the door and she was.”

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With Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! As we sit around the table with family and friends we want to extend a huge thank you to everyone that has supported our mission to inspire amazing marriages. We are also so incredibly grateful to all the amazing couples we’ve had the chance to meet and interview along our Amazing Marriage Adventure! Thank you all for an amazing year and for helping us spread more love and joy to this world. With heartfelt gratitude we wish you all an incredibly happy Thanksgiving!

The Amazing Legacy of Love Project

Today we are launching a special project called The Amazing Legacy of Love Project!

Grandparents, and those amazing couples in our lives from the generations before us, have so many beautiful stories of love. We hope to capture that love through photos and written stories and we need your help!

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