Carly and Bobby – Indianapolis, IN

Being new parent’s can put a strain on any relationship. It’s how you handle the stress of no sleep, a crying baby, and diaper changes that will determine what impact it has on your marriage. For Carly and Bobby, having a baby has just drawn them closer and made their relationship that much stronger. Having a child has given them both a greater sense of appreciation for each other and has lead them to act more selflessly in serving each other. Continue reading to see more of Carly and Bobby’s love story!

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Judy and Phil – Columbus, OH

Judy and Phil are an incredible couple with such a strong bond and connection. The connection they have didn’t just happen because they said I do. It grew over time as they continually worked at their relationship. Most importantly, it started before they were married by simply saying “No.”

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Melissa and Gary – Lexington, KY

When we started the Amazing Marriage Adventure, we didn’t think a couple married just a little over a year would have one of the most mature views on marriage. Melissa and Gary had this incredible wisdom and beautiful connection. They were on the same page when it came to finance, intimacy, future goals, and everything else in their relationship. They shared how they are intentional with each other and how they don’t treat their commitment of marriage lightly. They continue to work each day to be the best husband and wife for each other possible. Continue reading to learn a little bit about Melissa and Gary.

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Jen and David – St Louis, MO

Do you believe in love at first sight? For Jen and David, it wasn’t quite love at first sight but it was pretty close. After knowing each for less then a week, they already knew they loved each other. Six months later they were engaged. Continue reading to see more of Jen and David’s love story

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Becca and Jon – Fayetteville, AR

We had met Becca previously back in Washington D.C. She had contacted us to take some bridal portraits for her wedding that was being held in Arkansas. During the session she told us all about Jon. So we were so excited to have the chance to finally meet him when we passed back through Arkansas. We met up for a few drinks and to catch up with them both, see how their marriage was going, and to document their love story for Amazing Life Together.

One of our favorite things about Becca and Jon is how they are both so willing to sacrifice for each other and their perspective on life as a couple. Continuing reading to see more of their love story.

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Sara and Stephen – Weatherford, OK

We met Sara at a conference in Salt Lake City earlier last year. She had decided to sit down with us at a table while we were eating breakfast on the last day and we are so glad she did. At the time, we had just started talking about our idea to start our Amazing Marriage Adventure. We shared how we dreamed of traveling the country to document the love stories of real couples in every state. So when we planned our trip through Oklahoma, we knew we needed to reach out to her and her husband to see if they would be interested in taking part in our project. They immediately said yes!

One of the things that we love about Sara and Stephen’s love story is their commitment to build a life together no matter where they are. Even if that meant leaving their family and friends to move to a small town in western Oklahoma. Together, their love and commitment to each other is what’s most important. And in their own words, they are “carving this road together and making memories for ourselves and our kids that otherwise wouldn’t be able to happen.”

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Shefali and Bryan – Kansas City, KS

A daughter of parents in an arranged marriage, marrying someone for love and who wasn’t an “Indian boy,” Shefali, at first, didn’t get much support. But after 5 years of fighting for their love, Shefali and Bryan were married. Now, Bryan is absolutely adored by Shefali’s parents. Proof that love never fails and can overcome all circumstances. Continue reading to see more of Shefali and Bryan’s love story.

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Shireen and Nick – Salt Lake City, UT

Spending the morning with Shireen and Nick, at their home in Salt Lake City, was one of our favorite mornings on this Amazing Marriage Adventure so far.

Shireen and Nick are two of the most down-to-earth, straight-forward, cut-to-the-chase (in the best kind of way!) people! Their open and honest hearts made us feel like they were wrapping their arms around us in a warm embrace the entire time we chatted! They are real… and sharing their personal struggles and experiences taught us more about relationships than we ever could have dreamed.

Shireen and Nick are the perfect example of not taking yourself too seriously! AND they are incredibly self-aware. Their ability to understand and take care of their own individual needs in order to be the best husband/wife they can be is awe-inspiring! Continue reading to learn more about this amazing couple.

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Jessie and Jason – Las Vegas, NV

When we met Jessie and Jason in Las Vegas one of the first questions we asked was how long they had been married? When they said 19 years we were shocked. They looked incredible!!! As we continued to chat we learned that they actually were married at the tender age of 19.

Self admittedly, their first few years of marriage were tough. Jessie even asked him to leave several times. Jason never did. And through it all, they never gave up. They grew up together and fought for their marriage.

Continue reading to see more of Jessie Jason’s love story.
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More Friends than Dishes

“He said to me, ‘Would you rather have more friends than dishes or more dishes than friends?’ after that I knew exactly what to expect from our life together.”

What an incredible evening we had last night with the sweetest new friends.

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