Our Digital Diary

03 Oct 2014

The Truth Is

Life is good, friends. But this calling. This burning inside us to do more is so much greater than any one single possession. This world needs us. This world needs us to stop taking our days for granted and make the choices to do the hard work that is going to touch the lives of others.

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15 Jul 2014

An AMAZING Chicago Adventure

For the past several years, visiting Chicago has been on our travel bucket list. This year we finally made it out to the windy city and we can definitely say that Chicago stole our heart. Our theme for this trip was to be as adventurous as possible. And with our good friend Lauren as our guide we can pretty easily say we accomplished just that.

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08 Jul 2014

Baltimore 4th of July Fireworks and Fun

We had no idea what to expect the first Fourth of July after we bought our home in Baltimore. We thought we might have a good view of the fireworks but we weren't exactly sure how good. As we sat on the deck and watched the fireworks barge slowly be pushed in by two tugboats, we kept saying to ourselves, "They can't be setting them off from right there can they?" The barge was literally right in front of our house. That first year we enjoyed the view with just Liz's dad. Since then we've been sure to share it with whomever wants to come join us.

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