Apr 27 Liz and Ryan Bower

More Time for Love Webinar

The More Time for Love Webinar was designed to inspire couples to make their marriages even more AMAZING than they already are! Featuring interviews from 6 couples (aka, Love Inspirers), this webinar covers topics ranging from Making Decisions Together to Sacrificing for Each Other in the Midst of Chasing Big Dreams. In over 5+ hours of amazing video, with the help of our Love Inspirers, we share tips for creating more time to focus on love, to focus on each other, and to create a more AMAZING life together. Learn more below or click here to purchase the webinar recordings.


Live a More AMAZING Life Together – Liz and Ryan Bower

So often people get caught up in the “busyness” of their lives that they forget to focus on each other and their relationship. With just a little effort, everyone can have an AMAZING marriage. Watch as Liz and Ryan share a few of their favorite ways to keep love at the forefront of their relationship!

MT4L-Love-Inspirers5Love Never Fails – Lara Casey and Ari Isaacson 

Learn how Lara and Ari went from being two ships passing in the night – on the verge of divorce – to a flourishing joyful marriage. Anything is possible. Love never fails.



Putting Each Other First in the Midst of Big Dreams – Ashley and Jeremy Mitchell

When one person in a relationship decides to make a huge leap and chase their dreams, it can put a lot of strain on the other. When BOTH partners decide to chase their biggest dreams, the challenges become even larger. Putting each other first and celebrating each other’s accomplishments not only strengthens your relationship, it strengthens you as an individual and gives you the courage, support, and belief in yourself to make your craziest, wildest dreams come true.

MT4L-Love-InspirersTurning Points: Making Big Decisions Together – Katelyn James and Michael Alsop

Big decisions are hard to make! When handled incorrectly, seasons of change can cause a massive amount of stress on a marriage. With the help of those that have walked beside them, Katelyn and Michael have learned what it looks like to have a healthy discernment process. Now, their hope is that they can pass this knowledge on to other couples who are also struggling with turning points in their marriages and their lives!

MT4L-Love-Inspirers2Building Time for Each Other – Mary and Justin Marantz

Finding time to just soak each other in is not always easy. Especially when you are in the middle of chasing Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Learn how Justin and Mary make time for each other and make their relationship a priority.


MT4L-Love-Inspirers6Immeasurably More: Cultivating a Fully Alive Marriage – Karen and Isaac Stott

Marriage wasn’t designed as a way to just co-exist, save money on bills, and procreate. It was created to bring forth Immeasurably More in your life. To not only bring out the best for you as a couple, but to help each other grow into her/her personal best, as well. A marriage that is fully alive will bring more purpose, joy, possibilities and peace than any other relationship you can have on earth. So many times in marriage, couples just survive like roommates and never experience the joy it was designed to bring. Learn how Karen and Isaac took their own marriage of survival and turned it into more than they could’ve ever imagined.

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