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We Comply with Copyright Rules, and you should, too.

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If you are not the owner of content that you wish to submit to ALT as part of a guest blog, comment, or contest submission, you must first receive written permission from each copyright owner. By submitting any third-party content to us, you indemnify us to rely that you received all necessary permissions from the content owner before submission and that ALT and its employees or contractors are not responsible for obtaining such permissions.

We Prohibit Unauthorized Publication.

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We Will Recommend Only Great Resources for Our Community, and some may pay us.

ALT may receive payment for sponsored advertisements and partner spotlights in our resource guides. Paid advertising or partner spotlighting is not a requirement for appearance or mention in the Amazing Life Together website or subscription service, and we reserve the right to spotlight or prominently display goods and services providers from which we have not received payment. We believe in sharing and promoting great resources to our Amazing Life Together community, regardless of whether we receive payment.

We openly disclose any content produced by, with, or for a paying advertiser or community subscriber of ALT. “Payment” may include but is not limited to cash, bartered goods and services, or discounts on present or future goods and services. We will disclose our sponsors and advertisers through the use of labels, tags, written descriptions, or other media that is displayed with the associated content. ALT reserves the right to reject, change, or remove any advertisement at any time, for any reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability.

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We Are Not Liable for Third Party Interactions. We may remove some comments or edit guest posts.  

ALT reserves the right to reject or remove any comments at any time, for any reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability. We encourage positive interaction with our users and community subscribers, and we may prohibit any comments, which using our discretion we view as offensive, self-promoting, inappropriate, or hostile toward the ALT brands or the integrity of our advertising partners or vendors. User comments on ALT websites are not a reflection of the beliefs, views, or intentions of ALT. ALT is not responsible or liable for the content of guest bloggers or featured couples. We do our best to insure that every published article, feature, or image follows proper FTC and sourcing guidelines. ALT is not responsible or liable for the actions of third-parties associated with our website. “Third-parties” include but are not limited to vendors, businesses, or other blogs with whom we associate or promote through the use of articles, links, photographs, and other media, as well as guest bloggers, featured couples, and post commenters.

You Indemnify Us.

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Subscriber Terms of Service.

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