Nov 23 Liz and Ryan Bower

The Amazing Legacy of Love Project

Today we are launching a special project called The Amazing Legacy of Love Project!

Grandparents, and those amazing couples in our lives from the generations before us, have so many beautiful stories of love. We hope to capture that love through photos and written stories and we need your help!

The Idea: When we say I do, our hope is that one day we will be old and gray together, having lived long lives full of adventure, happiness, family, and so much more. We all dream of being married to the one we love for 50 or 60+ years. It’s why we commit to marriage, to share a lifetime of ups and downs with the one we love.

During our Amazing Marriage Adventure we’ve witnessed this beautiful example of love several times. After photographing a couple married for 57 years, we thought to ourselves, “How can we preserve these legacies of love for all families?” We had this huge desire to photograph and document the love story of everyone’s grandparents. We know that isn’t possible, at least not without your help!

This Thanksgiving, with your help, we want to document a generation’s legacy of love!

The Goal: Our goal is to document the love stories of as many grandparents and older couples with amazing marriages as possible.

We dream of photographers, storytellers, and anyone else that would like to help, sitting down with their grandparents this Thanksgiving to capture their love story.

How to Participate: It’s super simple, just sign up to take part in our Amazing Legacy of Love Project, then interview and photograph your grandparents’ love story. Finally, share your favorite photo and some of your favorite lessons learned with us. Just follow the link below to sign up and we will email you with additional details on how to take part in the Amazing Legacy of Love Project.

Sign up to take part in the Amazing Legacy of Love Project

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photo by Megan Vaughn

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