The Back Story

Just months before Ryan proposed to me, my parents divorced. After 25 years of marriage, it ended abruptly. Our worlds were rocked. Everything we thought we knew of marriage was now no longer true. It was up to us to figure out how to make sure our marriage did not end after 25 years.

As high school sweethearts, we got married right out of college. We moved to Baltimore, MD and started our lives together- doing everything we thought we were supposed to do. We both had corporate jobs, attended graduate school, bought a home and two cars, and spent more time working than we spent enjoying life together.

Liz and Ryan-0023

On January 1, 2009, we set a New Year’s goal to start a business together and put our energy where we could hopefully make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. We started a wedding photography business and quickly realized that we were not the only ones who needed positive examples of marriage in our lives! The wedding industry is full of inspiration for the wedding day, but after close to 8 years of marriage and over 100 weddings photographed, we know that the wedding day is only the beginning!

It Started With a Passion

In October 2013, we launched the Amazing Life Together blog with a passion to share real married couples stories and to open the lines of communication surrounding marriages! After months of working on this passion project, we realized it was so much more. It was so much bigger than us. It was an opportunity to truly change the conversation about marriages from “did you hear who just got divorced” to “did you hear about their AMAZING marriage?!?”

Hype Surrounding Marriages

Our hearts have never been so passionate about our opportunity to join with you all to truly make an impact on the lives of couples around the world! As of September 10, 2014 Amazing Life Together is officially recognized as a non-profit organization! In December 2014, we filed the crazy long and complicated paperwork to the government to seek 501c3 status! And in March of 2015 we received notice from the IRS that Amazing Life Together is recognized officially as a 501c3!

Help us on our mission to inspire all married couples to live a happy, healthy, and everlasting amazing life together! Get Involved Today!




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