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Carly and Bobby – Indianapolis, IN

Being new parent’s can put a strain on any relationship. It’s how you handle the stress of no sleep, a crying baby, and diaper changes that will determine what impact it has on your marriage. For Carly and Bobby, having a baby has just drawn them closer and made their relationship that much stronger. Having a child has given them both a greater sense of appreciation for each other and has lead them to act more selflessly in serving each other. Continue reading to see more of Carly and Bobby’s love story!

Carly and Bobby – Indianapolis, IN



How did you meet?

Bobby: We meet at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I was an undergrad… Carly was not. She was in the college student personnel grad program. Her assistantship was head of student programing for an organization called After Dark. Carly become the advisor my Junior year of undergrad.

Carly: So I was a cougar basically. That was in the fall of 2006. We were friends, pretty much right off the bat. Well, I thought he was cute pretty much right off the bat.

We were friends pretty much that whole first year.

Bobby: Our first “date” was we had to go to a meeting that the university was putting on for all student organizations on budget type things.

Carly: We went to dinner. I remember I legitimately forgot my wallet, and he paid for me with his meal plan! So we always joke that that was our first date and that his parents paid for it.

So we went home for the summer and then we came back for the next year. A little bit into that next year my boyfriend and I broke up. Bobby and I had kind of been interested in each other so we started dating on the “down low” because I was still an advisor to this student organization.

By the time graduation rolled around we had been dating for a few months secretly. I told my mom that I was going to marry him! I knew that I was!



Ryan: Tell us what life is like as newlyweds and having kids.

Carly: We had been married not quite two years when we got pregnant. They always say the first year of marriage is the most stressful, I think the first year of having a kid is the most stressful. When they are a newborn things are stressful and you are adjusting to having a baby and not sleeping.

Bobby: Having the baby forced us to be on the same page and be more aware of when the other person needs help or they just need a break.

It forces you to communicate nonstop. Before If I was working late, unless it was crazy late, I wouldn’t text her. Where now, even if I am going to be 15 to 20 minutes late, I’ll text her to give her a heads up because I know that she should probably mentally prepare to entertain Jack for another twenty minutes before dad gets home.

Carly: There is just that extra level of being considerate to each other.

Bobby: Overall I think it makes you appreciate everything the other person does and how they help you and it makes you want to help them in return.

Carly: You want to do selfless things for the other person because you know those things go a really long way. He’s great about helping around the house but if he does an extra night of cleaning up the dishes that just means so much more now then it did before. I think having a kid could strain your marriage because you are just tired. But as a partnership, I think we are stronger.


Ryan: What are some of the things you love most about marriage?

Bobby: It’s just nice to have a partner at all times. It’s nice to know that you have someone to wake up next to and have coffee with in the morning and relax with and to say “hey what do you want to do today?” Just having a nonstop support system. It’s like a teammate in everything you do. It’s very comforting.

Carly: The other great part is just raising a family together. That is something we both wanted and looked forward to together. Parenthood is a crazy journey and I am glad I have someone to do it with because I probably would have gone insane without Bobby. It just makes it fun. It’s more fun to go through it with someone else.


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