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Alexandria and Tyler – Ames, IA

We love meeting other couples that are high school sweethearts like Liz and I. Alexandria and Tyler, technically high school sweethearts, started dating in 7th grade!! Continue reading to learn how they’ve grown their childhood romance into an amazing marriage!

Alexandria and Tyler – Ames, IA


Wedding Date: August 4, 2012

Love Story: Tyler and I met in 5th grade (If you ask him though, the story is that we met in 6th grade.) at a band event. Tyler played the Tuba and I played the Saxophone. We went to the same middle school together, and I asked, okay maybe begged, him to be my boyfriend in 7th grade. We “dated” in 7th grade, which consisted of going to movies together, passing notes, late night phone calls that took place in closets and holding hands. Our 7th grade relationship only lasted for 8 months, and we went our semi-separate ways in high school. We were both still in band, and had overlapping friend groups, so we would occasionally hang out. (We even have at least one photo of us together from every year starting in 7th grade.)

Our senior year of high school started and we began spending more and more time together and we eventually started dating again on October 27, 2008. We spent our first year of college in different cities, and I eventually transferred to Iowa State!

Tyler proposed at sunrise at Myrtle Beach South Carolina on May 22, 2011. We finished our junior years of college and celebrated one of the best days of our lives on August 4, 2012!

Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-011 Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-010

Tell us some of the challenges you’ve faced during the first few years of marriage.

Our first couple years of marriage were hard since we were learning to adjust to married life, and going to school full time, working, and starting a brand new business. One thing we found helpful (especially for me and my business) was to set boundaries with work, school, and social life, and stick to them! Carving out intentional time is SO important and that time is SO sacred when you’re busy!

Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-009 Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-008

What is your best marriage advice? Don’t go to bed angry! Seriously, it sounds cliche, and we got this advice so many times before we were married, but it’s so true!! Talk out any issues before going to bed. That way you can start the next day with a clean slate and more in love than the night before.

Oh, and hug. Even when you’re mad at each other, just break down any walls and give your husband/wife a hug. You’d be amazed at what physical contact can do during arguments.

Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-007 Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-006

What do you love most about being married?: 

Alexandria – I love doing this thing called life with the one person who means the most to me. Even if it’s just cleaning the house, I love doing life with Tyler.

Tyler – I love closely watching and being involved in God transforming and using Alex to bring Heaven to Earth, and having someone to help me do the same.

Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-005 Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-004 Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-003 Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-002 Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Iowa-IA-Alexandria-and-Tyler-001

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