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Exercise Together for a more AMAZING Marriage

Exercising together isn’t always easy, but it is absolutely WORTH the investment to make your health a priority – you will be amazed at how taking back control of your health will pour over into not just into your everyday life, but your marriage, every day.

It was a very familiar and vicious cycle.

“Babe – tomorrow. We HAVE to work out. We have to do something ok? I feel so gross and unhealthy.”

I must have uttered these words to my husband Jeremy at LEAST three times a week. And at least three times a week, this brief, fleeting determination I would possess would be gone the next morning when I was comfy and warm in our bed, forgetting about the dessert or burger I had had the evening before.We weren’t the unhealthiest of eaters by any means, but we definitely weren’t the best, and our physical activity rivaled that of a turtle. Working from home (aka sitting down all day) had left us feeling just plain blah. From the outside, no one would ever dare to call Jeremy or I “fat” or say that we needed to lose weight. But from the inside, we felt larger than we ever had. We were both constantly exhausted, from not doing much at all. We were sluggish, unfocused, and I personally would sling hurtful words at myself because I didn’t like what was looking back at me in the mirror. Those hurtful words would cause Jeremy to try and comfort me, and eventually lead to feelings of resentment when he felt like he could do nothing else to console me. We had been saying that we wanted to make our health a priority from the start of our relationship, and yet here we were, four years later and I truly think the number of times we had worked out together was two…which might actually be the total number of times we worked out, period.

Through the encouragement of some friends, and a realization that we needed to find a fitness outlet that worked for our schedule and personalities, we decided to try out CrossFit one sweltering afternoon in July. This isn’t a post about CrossFit though. Yes, for US, CrossFit has been absolutely life-changing, but we believe that the decision to make your health a priority is far more important than the means by which you choose to achieve it.

Exercise Together for a more amazing marriage

Six months later, I can honestly say that we are in better shape than we have ever been – literally and figuratively. The changes in our bodies have been remarkable – but the changes in our minds and marriage have been even more AMAZING! As individuals, we are happier, and that’s wonderful. But that inner happiness carries over into our marriage, and that has been the most rewarding part of this journey. Feeling happier with ourselves means that we are more careful with our words, we’re more thoughtful with our actions, and, just being honest, we’ve never found each other more attractive! Hey, it’s okay to enjoy the benefits of looking better right?! ;)

I’m also finding myself SO PROUD of Jeremy – I have always been proud of him for his drive and ambition, and who he is as a person. But working out together has brought out a really fun and competitive side in both of us that pushes us to push each other and be better, both in the gym and outside of it. I know that when I don’t think I can get one more rep in, he will be right there encouraging me or kicking my butt when I’m being lazy. I know that on those days where we are both lacking motivation, one of us will pick up the slack for the other and make sure we both make it to the gym. I never thought that something as simple as dedicating an hour a day to our health would correlate to feeling so much more JOY in everyday life and in our marriage, but it is the best hour spent of our day. It isn’t always easy, but it is absolutely WORTH the investment to make your health a priority – you will be amazed at how taking back control of your health will pour over into not just into your everyday life, but your marriage, every day.

Thanks to Ashley Mitchell for guest blogging today about exercising together! Do you and your significant other work out together? If so, how has it helped your relationship?

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  1. Yay! Thanks so much for allowing us to share our story – I hope that it can inspire others to dedicate just a little bit of time out of their busy days for health – especially the health of their marriage! :) We love you guys! xo!

    • THANK YOU for sharing your story!!! Knowing how much of an AMAZING impact exercising together has had on your relationship is definitely great motivation for us to get off our butts and start working out together.

  2. Kelly

    Loved reading this post! Greg and I have been working out together for over a year, and it is absolutely one of my favorite aspects of our marriage. When that alarm goes off at 5am for our Insanity workout, or the thermometer says it’s 20 degrees out on a day we have a long run…I know that I have a partner there to keep me motivated. We push each other to do better and I also love what a positive influence we have had on our three girls to exercise and stay healthy too :)

    • Oh my goodness!! A 5am workout in 20 degree weather is Insanity!! :) We would definitely need a lot of motivation from each other to exercise on a day like that. So glad to hear how you are keeping each other motivated and how it is also having a positive impact on your girls too!!! Thanks for commenting!

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