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Octavia and Derrick – Atlanta, GA

“Derrick and Octavia Roberts were not always seen in a positive light in the community. To the locals they were drug dealers polluting the community. I am writing this letter to prove to people that everyone is capable of changing and making a difference.

I would love to nominate this young couple for their positive achievements in the community. They have hosted many events where they have paid out of their pockets to feed the hungry and pray for them. They would never say it but I have witnessed them going to the grocery store in search of people they could bless with groceries.

Every Tuesday they host a conference call where they encourage people all over the world. These are the kinds of people you don’t hear much about. What makes them so awesome is the team, the friendship, the love they have for each other and above all, the love they have for God that pours out on others.

I think the more they do for others, the stronger they become as a team. I’m amazed at how much they juggle everyday. They have six children not including the kids in the community. Derrick is so involved in the community, the little kids knock on the door to see if he can come out and play. It is awesome to see the same people that destroyed the community become responsible for restoring it. Who would have thought? So it is with great admiration I make a special request to have them to be featured on Amazing Life Together so you too, can see and experience that contagious glow of love that surrounds them.” – Lashuntres Redmon

When we received Octavia and Derrick’s nomination we immediately knew we had to share their story. We immediately replied to Lashuntres, Octavia’s sister, to let her know we would love to feature Octavia and Derrick as part of our Amazing Marriage Adventure.

After 3 hours of interviews, a drive through the neighborhood where Derrick was once arrested for selling drugs, and an incredible afternoon with new friends, we were even more blown away by their love story.

Octavia and Derrick – Atlanta, GA


Editor’s Note: Octavia and Derricks story is one of 3 stories we filmed so far during the Amazing Marriage Adventure. At the time of this post, our busy travel schedule hasn’t allowed us to fully edit and share their story. In the future we will be sharing lots more from the time we spent in Atlanta with Octavia and Derrick. Below are the responses to our online questionnaire Derrick shared with us prior to our meeting. Which in and of itself is full of so much incredible wisdom and advice.

Years Married: 14

Wedding Date: May 26th, 2001 

Love Story:  My Wife and I have been together half of our lives, we are now saved and Pastor a Developing ministry in Atlanta Ga. We have 6 beautiful children ages 19-1. We have been through so much together, From losing everything in a house fire, to seeing our first born graduate. We have had some amazing times together. God has truly blessed us



Most Challenging Obstacle: Being born again at a young age and setting a standard for our children has been one of the hardest challenges out side of Pastoring a developing Ministry

Other Challenges: Losing everything in a house fire in 2002 left us broken and homeless. As a man, I was still young and unlearned so I found it hard and confusing. I didn’t know how I could lead my Wife and our 4 children at the time. But we have made it through, so many storms, its encouraging to everyone that we know

Most Exciting Thing: We are always traveling with our kids, I think our family trips are the most memorable and exciting. My Wife surprised me in 2007 and took me to Hawaii for my 28th birthday, That was one of the best vacations of my life.

Other Exciting Moments:  In 2012 December, My Wife wasn’t feeling well so I took her to the E.R., they sent her home 2 weeks later, she was still in pain. I returned her back to the E.R. only to find out that she was almost 3 months pregnant with number 6, Lauryn, I will never forget that night!!! I was in total shock

GA-Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Octavia-and-Derrick-Atlanta-Georgia-004 GA-Amazing-Marriage-Adventure-Couple-Octavia-and-Derrick-Atlanta-Georgia-005

Best Advice: Never allow anything to come between you and your spouse. Agree to disagree. Keep others out of your business. Allow Jesus to be the foundation of your marriage and in the rocky times you will stand in place no matter how strong or powerful the storms may be. Always have open and honest communication, do not allow unhealthy communication to others about your marriage especially the opposite sex. Be to your spouse, what you’d like them to be to you

Love Most about being Married:  I think that in society they have taught that being with a lot of Women makes you a Man. Well, I strongly disagree, I think that its the total opposite. Being Faithful to one, honoring her, God and your family makes you a great man. I love the history, the honesty and the trust that I have built wit my Wife, I wouldn’t trade anything that we’ve been through because it made us stronger.

Favorite thing to do together: Date nights are our favorites although since the new baby, we don’t take them as often but we love any moment that we spend together

Anything else:  I think that marriage is truly a blessing and I’m blessed to be in love with the Woman of my reality.


More of Octavia and Derrick’s love story and how they quite drug dealing and become Pastors’ of their own church will be share in future posts and our upcoming book at the conclusion of our Amazing Marriage Adventure. Join our mailing list below to be notified with more details.

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